"Target Promotions' telemarketing expertise helped fill our seminar at Internet speed. We started with 3 prospects signed up, but the day of the seminar we had to add more chairs because the prospects just kept arriving. Great Job Target."

Kelly Ferris
Channel Marketing Manager
Oracle Corporation

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and love working with Target. You responded so quickly to my request for unique and fun giveaways...for our 7 city event at Oracle. My entire Channel team is so impressed with the quick turnaround and being always on time and on budget. I look forward to continuing our relationship and planning our next event. Target suggested the TV watch and it is a HUGE hit...can't wait to see who WINS!!"

Applications Channel Manager
Oracle Corporation

"Target's expertise to promptly co-ordinate and implement marketing strategies allows our Regional Sales Office to concentrate on support for our customers. Thank you Target for your level of commitment and professionalism."

Linda Stage
Region Marketing Administrator
Cisco Systems, Inc.

"The whole team at Target gets involved in whatever project you need them for. They have a real sense of pride in the programs they do – which makes them a valuable part of our team. I have worked with Target for years and continually recommend them to companies across the U.S. It is a great feeling to recommend a vendor to peers and then have those peers thank you for 'turning them on' to a company that provides such great service."

Theresa DeRycke
East Coast Field Marketing Manager

"I have had such positive experiences working with Target Promotions. All of my materials have come in on-time and within budget. Target goes the extra mile to make sure that all of my events are a success. It is so hard to find people who care so much these days."

Bianca Fleischman
Senior Marketing Manager
Oracle Corporation

"Mr. Vernetti, Cisco is pretty impressed with this campaign. In fact, I think they're going to pick up an order Tuesday from this. He said it's from an Oracle account that they would never have called on – so yea!!! Keep up the great work. Thanks!!!"

Lisa Rhinehart
Channel Marketing Manager
Central, S, Mid Atlantic & Southeast
Cisco Systems, Inc.

"Target Promotions and Marketing? Absolute pros.

"Our recent new software Product Launch presented many challenges, including producing an invitation and a registration website in three languages (English, German, and French). Our launch was held in Philadelphia, Las Vegas, London, Frankfurt, and Paris.

"Since I've worked with Target Promotions in my past, I knew they could do a bang-up job at creating an interactive, easy to use registration system. The challenge was making it easy for our European community to use (dates, times, specific color and wording issues had to be ironed out so as not to offend).

"Target Promotions pulled it off fabulously. I had many customers from both the US and Europe comment on what a great job Scala did at communicating the details of our Product Launch. I had to smile and say thanks, knowing the whole time that it had little to do with our efforts, and everything to do with Target Promotions!"

Laurie Fosco
Marketing Manager
Scala, Inc.