Client: Xerox Corporation

Background:  Challenged with distributing an exciting and different Sales training piece that stood out from the myriad of materials distributed every month, Xerox chose Target Promotions and Marketing to provide a unique solution that would deliver the necessary information in a fun and colorful format. "We want a piece that jumps out of the box on the loading dock" was heard at the initial meeting.

Target Solution:  Leveraging the current popularity of Comic Book heroes, the look and feel for the Sales Information took the form and size of a newsstand comic book. There was economy in the illustrations that were available through a stock agency. Our creative staff quickly changed in the phone booth across the street and developed this eye-catching, comprehensive Sales Information and Demo kit for the North American and European Sales Force. The theme then was redeployed in Europe to roll out the new product. From 50-foot banners to literature envelopes, these Superheroes were seen circling the globe launching a highly successful sales training campaign.

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